Company Objectives

Our company will continue to its trading activities taken into consideration the following matters.

  • To ensure their personnel safety and healthy working condition in order to continue safe vessel operations and safe working practices.
  • To continue safeguards against all identified risks to its property and personnel onboard.
  • To comply with National and International Rules and related Standards.
  • To inform their personnel from all hazards that effect to the environment and to decrease all harms to a minimum level or completely prevent.
  • To provide transportation of cargo without any damage and at a required time schedule to the   destination point.

The Company will be developed and implemented Safety Management System taking into consideration the following matters and will be provided continuity.

  • Establishing Safety Management and Environmental Protection Policies,
  • Establishing onboard safe working practices and environmental protection procedures and     instructions. 
  • Defining level of authorities and responsibilities of all shore and shipboard personnel.
  • Reporting accidents, hazardous occurrences and non-conformities, 
  • Defining to prepare for and respond to emergency situations, 
  • Defining methods for management reviews and internal audits,
  • Employing having necessary and sufficient condition of seagoing and shore personnel,  

The Company has been established for management of TUG BOATS;

Safety Management Policy

Our company aims to satisfy all of our customers in relation to shipping services and serves for such purpose. Our aim is to serve always in high quality.Our company’s policy satisfies our customers within the scope of security and environmental protection rules in accordance with laws and other rules. Our aim is to always keep our company’s standard quality related to its service on a high level and to maintain such level.

The characteristics of our company;

  • Our personnel consist of qualified and well-trained people in all respects and this personnel shows the same quality in all steps of our business,
  • The personnel of our company are subject to training in order to fit our standards,
  • The documents available within the management system are kept in a proper way.,
  • Necessary studies in order to keep our service safe, healthy and environment-sensitive and in order to implement such service more effectively are performed continuously.

The most important aspect of our policy is:

to provide the appropriate communication between the ships we operate and the employees and the company and to provide that all of our principles are understood clearly by our personnel with the use of the language and logic we have formed.

All the responsibilities of the personnel concerning the operation in the present management system are explained by the related procedures. Other personnel will also be aware of the management understanding specified in this policy.

This policy will be reviewed due to national and international compliances and the operation of the system. Our company’s Safety Management system is in full accordance with the international safety management code and prevention of marine pollution code (ISM Code) for the safe operations of the ships

Environment & Pollution Prevention Policy

We are aware that there is need for an active policy encouraging practical measures implemented with the purpose of protecting the environment and minimizing the pollution impact. It is the basic notion of our policy and our objectives that training is the most important factor besides all the measures that have to be taken with this purpose. We will always provide the performance of this policy in accordance with the related laws, national and international regulations.

Our purpose is;

  • To comply with all the legal applications providing environmental protection concerning air, land and water, national and international rules, official application codes, regulations,
  • To determine and identify materials and occurrences that can potentially lead to environment pollution,
  • To provide the cleanliness and hygiene conditions in areas the personnel live,
  • To form safe operation related to oil and fuel purchase by explaining that oil and fuel purchase and operations has a special role in this field,

In order to meet these purposes;

  • Success in this field will be realized only as all of our employees take responsibility (noise effect, resonance, dust, smoke and other known pollutants and especially marine pollution) and as our work procedures are implemented.
  • All the personnel authorized for environment protection measurement or controls will be informed on their responsibilities and what they will perform. It will be provided that all other personnel will be informed on the environment policy of the management system and on what they will perform regarding this issue.
  • It will be provided by DPA that the company fulfills all of its responsibilities related to this issue. However, all the managers, ship masters and officers (employees on the ships) will also work continuously for fulfilling their responsibilities in relation to this policy.  

This policy will be renewed whenever necessary. 

This policy will be reviewed due to national and international compliances and the operation of the system.

Drug & Alcohol Policy

The policy of our company is to provide that the risks that can result in harm to environment, equipment and self-harm and accidents due to alcohol and drug (narcotics) usage of all of our employees are eliminated.

The aims of this policy are;

  • To explain the harmful effects of alcohol and narcotics usage to the environment, to the person who uses them and to the equipment,
  • To strengthen the belief of the personnel in such effects,
  • Not to permit for the alcohol usage,                                                                                                                
  • To definitely prevent the narcot6ics usage except drugs given under doctor control.

In order to implement these;

  • All the personnel will be made aware of this policy.
  • The personnel using alcohol will not be allowed to work and their connection to the company will be terminated.  
  • All sorts of narcotics usage are anyhow prohibited
  • Application for legal procedure will be made concerning anybody who carries narcotics (if he/she has obtained without the control of a doctor) and the connection of such employee to the company will immediately be terminated.
  • The personnel getting the drug for medical purposes by a doctor’s prescription will learn form the doctor whether the drug would effect his/her work performance or not.
  • The master will make narcotics and alcohol controls without previously warning.

This policy will be reviewed due to national and international compliances and the operation of the system.